Ad Competition Team

What is the Nittany Group and What Do They Do?


The Nittany Group acts as Penn State’s Advertising Agency team, working year round to produce a real-world campaign that is presented at the annual National Student Advertising Competition, NSAC, hosted by the American Advertising Federation. Groups of students from approximately 200 colleges & universities across the U.S. compete in 15 different District Level competitions with the winners from each District going to the nationwide finals.

As part of Penn State’s AAF team, students get the chance to compete against sixteen other District 2 (New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and D.C.) schools to see what the agency side of the industry is all about. This competition takes place in New York City each year and is excellent real-world experience that many agencies are familiar with!

The Nittany Group’s 2016-2017 client is: Tai Pei Frozen Asian Entrées and Appetizers 

This year’s team is currently hard at work researching for this year’s case! For more information contact Ken Yednock at

 Last year, the Nittany Group placed fourth in the district-level portion of the National Student Advertising Competition.

For the event, students developed a wholly-integrated communications campaign for Snapple. They were given a real-world situation with a goal to increase online/digital orders for Snapple and to enhance the overall digital/mobile ordering experience.

At the event, students pitched their campaigns to a panel of judges consisting of advertising professionals and to a Snapple Marketing Executive.


AAF – The Unifying Voice for Advertising

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